Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cooper, the Birthday Boy

7 years ago today. It is quite possibly the happiest day of my life. Our precious baby Cooper Aubrey Powell finally made his way to our family, and even though we didn't know it that day, our family was complete. We were all 5 finally together. As a mother, there is nothing on this earth more satisfying for my heart. I'll never forget soaking in that day. Sitting and watching my older kids and Corey marvel at the gift we had all been given. A great exhale of waiting and sadness, and a great inhale of joy. And though our lives are full of "real life" moments now, we are all just as in love with that little boy as we were on this day 7 years ago. He makes us laugh every single day. Literally. He brings us such joy. And I needed that 7 years ago today more than any other point in my life. He is a blessing to our family. A vivid example of God's grace. Happy Birthday, Coopie Baby. You are extravagantly loved. And you love extravagantly.

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